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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oppertunity, bless my soul!

Why hello there. I've got a lot of topics to cover today, and I'll start at the top of the list.

Breaking development: Thuggee. What a chump. I'm not the jealous type, but this weirdo is pushing my buttons. I hate it when people touch my stuff. This freak psychic egomaniac is creeping on my Lady. Bub, that's my job. I'm on the fence about him, he's got power but he lacks style. He shows up, upstaging me and stealing my spotlight... He's got nothing on the big man, but he certainly does know how to make a statement.

I can't decide whether or not to hate him or admire him. It's almost gross how much he showed off. Part of me wishes I could invade peoples minds like he did, but part of me says "It wouldn't be fun if you had all the answers to the crossword puzzle, right?". The journey is more important than the destination, right? Hehehe.

Anyways, Thuggly better watch out what he drinks. I have this nasty tendency of mixing chemicals into... well, EVERYTHING. I might just figure out a way to tame the lion. Sedatives can do wonderful things, you know!

Forever nicknamed Thuggly. <3

My mood was totally ruined when I heard about everything that happened at the mansion... Definitely brought my earlier energy down. But among the wreckage, there is still good news! Hehehe little ol' Lullaby got left behind, to my surprise. Caught her and brought her home with me like a stray cat!

I've got lots of games to play with her, lots of fun to be had! In fact, I've got some new creations I might try on her and my other guest... Hehehe oh Doctor P, you really shouldn't have scorned me so when I visited you. I have this thing about getting revenge. Did you really think you could hide from me by leaving? Didn't get far, did you. Hehehe.

So exciting.

I was feeling so scattered earlier... I hate it when that happens.

NOW I'M FEELING GOOOOOOOOOOD. Time to get started. Oh Lullaby, here I come! Hehe let me take you to my basement so you can see all the kitties I promised you...

Shady, if only you were here too. I miss you a lot. If only... Hehehe if only there was SOME WAY I could get you to come over for a visit <3 Hehehehe. I WONDER HOW I COULD GET YOU TO VISIT?

Bye for now. I've got to go entertain my guests.


  1. One hair on her head... JUST ONE is harmed and you won't have to bother trying to get me to come there. And that's not an invitation to
    do such a thing to her either.

    Let her go, Advocate.

  2. I don't understand you... What the heck is wrong with you?

    If I was more like Shady, I would cuss you out right now... but I won't break my own standards and lower myself to your level just to get a moment of satisfaction.

  3. a murderer whos signature is chemicals.

    well, thats a switch. not knives? not even an axe?
    im sure you must think you're very unique. and i guess, in a sense you are.

    dont kill the girl please. she has so much potential....killing her would be such a waste. and these are just logical reasoning. id try emotions and moralety, but something tells me you just dont give a fuck.

    praying for the lullabys safety,