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Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Wonderful Start To The Summer

Hehehe Ms. Smith finally sobered up, boys and girls. Oh, did she have quite a few things to say to me...

Her real name is Rachael. She is twenty-four. Her first encounter with the Tall Man was ten years ago. Her family is dead. She started running five years ago, after her fiance was brutalized by a proxy with a sledgehammer. That was when she killed her first proxy! Fascinating...

Since than, she has killed quite a few hollowed servants. She has also killed two intelligent thinkers, such as myself and she hasn't slept for more than three hours at one time in months. She is very good at car jacking, shooting things and making turkey and cheese sandwiches. Hehehe its so wonderful getting to know new friends, ain't it?

The Venus Project was a complete success. It seems that I have finally perfected my formula! I'd like to thank Shady and Dia for their generous donations of blood to my project. I would have never isolated the create chemicals for my recipe if it had not been for you two ;)

At this moment, Rachael Smith is fixing me a late lunch in the kitchen of one of my many hideaways. She's got a magical touch when it comes to cooking. I wonder if I she went to culinary school before she became a Running Gun? I should ask her. I'm sure she'd be more than glad to answer my questions. Hehehe

You see... The Venus Project is very special. It takes quite a few doses of the mixture for the recipe to take affect, but once it does... Hehehe its truly magnificent. Its almost like she can't say no to me in her current state of mind ;D

And best of all, the affects are permanent after five doses!

With this new recipe... Hehehe... I'm going to be a real ladies man ;D

Rachael really is very cute in this form. I come home after a long day of work and she's eagerly awaiting my arrival with dinner and affection :,)

The only thing that would make this even better... is if it was Shady. Hey babe, I can't wait to see you again... I wonder if I'll have to use more doses on girls like you and Dia, the ones with the stronger willpower... Hmmm....

I guess I'll have to test it out eventually. Hehehe...

Its funny really, I originally intended to just splash a dose of Party Potion on her and let fate drag her to a grave... but this is just so much more fun. Turning an enemy into a pet. Now I see why Thuggee does it!

Hehehehe I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve! This month just keeps getting better.

Ha, what's up Doc? See you seen, old chap!

Shady, keep doing whatever your doing... its super adorable. I'm so hot for you right now.

Aaaaah... Rachael gives great massages, as well. Its nice having someone around to talk to, ya know? Hehehe I think I scare her when I talk about my innermost thoughts, but she behaves like a good pet and listens quietly.

Hm, maybe I'll adjust the recipe a bit for Shady. I don't want her to lose her spunky side, ya know? I like her feisty personality. I'll have to figure out a way to keep that around... Maybe four doses instead of five.

We'll see what goes on.

Anyways, what have you all been up to, my dear students? Have you been causing trouble :)?

Let me know... Or else I'll have to visit you and ask you in person :) I'm always looking for an opportunity to test my Party Potion!