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Friday, November 4, 2011

Fright Night 2011

Hey kiddos! Its that time of year again! Actually, it was that time of year last month but I was occupied with stalking a potential new jacket :)

Time to throw a (belated) Fright Night Extravaganza in honor of my favorite holiday, Halloween! There will be lots of games and fun to play, like Pin The Dart On The Shady, and Dissect The Kitten! Food and scalpels will be provided, so don't worry about bringing equipment along with you! Oh and lets not forget the big costume context! Just cut off your least favorite neighbor's face and wear it as your mask and whoever has the most intact (and attractive) face wins!

I've rented a white van in case we want to go out on the town for a bit of fun, and I've stocked up on baseball bats and parachute chord!

I bet you're wondering about whether or not you're invited to this little shindig, well I've got good news for you: if you're reading this post you are now officially invited to the party!

Now for the official guest list :)
- TheShadyLady**
- Ferus
- DeMii*
- Lullaby
- Prosper
- The Executor*
- Ike**
- 3HA3CIM3*
- Gallows
- Grave
- Victor**
- Lucas
- Mister Creevey***
- Dia
- Trinity**
- Tim
- Road Runner

Wondering what the asterisks mean? Hehehe well it wouldn't be a party if I spoiled all of the surprises.

If you are available to party, comment with your home address (Or wherever you're currently located :)) and I can come get you! I have plenty of room in my basement where you can wait until the party is ready!

Also, I'll be going to the supermarket to get snacks and drinks. Please, feel free to pick your poison ;)
I can make more posts about Fright Night if you want more details (Like what games we'll be playing and etc), just ask :D

Oh and Thuggee/Doctor Proctor (Whoever the heck he is) isn't invited so you don't have to worry about him crashing the party!

Hehehe and Shady... you and I need to talk. Its been too long. I feel like there is something between us...

Oh and one last thing. Some of you may not want to come to the party because of past "issues" you may have with me... Lets let bygones be bygones. If you don't show up, I might just have to go have a party with your family and friends sometime.

Anyways, I'll see you guys later! I've gotta go collect some kids from the park for the more "cannibalistic" guests.


  1. ....I'm hoping this isn't a forced attendance party, love. You might give the wrong impression.

  2. 5707 sandy pines dr. zip:27596 state north Carolina


  3. Well, you usually find a way to contact me either way. I might just be forced into this if others are... "attending". Of course, we know really what attending means with you.

    Hacim, that wasn't very bright, deary.

  4. ._.

    i can not catch a break this week can i?

  5. I'll go if we don't leave in caskets. Oh, and if you ask nicely, don't forget that one, lovely.

    I don't particularly feel like being the reason the people I care about meet the Advocate.

  6. Unless Mister Creevey breaks in I believe it would be unwise for us to leave the property. Perhaps if things change, The Advocate.


  7. Wearing my neibghors face, I'm not quite there, yet. Besides I like all of my attractive neighbors, I'd most surely lose, I guess its a good thing I'm not on the offical list. I'm sorry I can't attend, I'd almost like to...
    Resareching you should be swift but intersting, Advocate, very good, I like being able to catch up quickly.

    HACIM?... Never mind, I think I get it, you know you aren't unclever, I'll give you that.

    I can't wait to learn about the superises, it will be a fantastic template for testing how predictable you are.

    See you around

  8. ok. ill bite the bait this time godamnit.

    what games will we get to play? if we get to play lop the dirtbag's(not you, your a sick fuck. big diff.) head off with a machete, i might be tempted to come >_> <_<

  9. Delicious pets all in a row, ready to be dragged into our bellies? I do say, I may consider this.

  10. How about YOU give me YOUR address. Mine tends to change.

  11. I'm very excited. Seeing as you all seem so eager to attend, I'll post more details very very soon. I'm collecting supplies, wrapping up some loose ends, and playing with a few chemicals. Getting everything bundled up and ready for my festival of fun.

    If anyone dies... well, maybe I should have you all sign a waiver or something.

    Don't worry, if you want you can bring your own drinks to the party. Hehehehe. I'll try not to tamper with anything too much.

    I'll be back soon with more details. This is going to be wild <3