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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Misplaced All Of My Umbrellas

Hehe rain, rain go away, come again another day... oh wait, are you even here to stay? Did you fly in from a distant country to visit me, or are you just  visiting from out of state? Darn, I wish I knew. Hehehe where is all the precipitation? Is it in my heart? I love me some rain. It cleans everything away...

Spilled blood, footprints... I wonder...

Does it take all the bodies away, as well? I've never considered it. Where do they go once they've started to glow? Hehehe fly, they fly away like little baby spiders on silky parachutes. Fly! That's what we'll do.

We'll fly away, and we'll own this town, and the rain will pour when we want it to. The baby spiders will dance to our tune.

Hehehehe look at all these wonderful colors we've discovered, I didn't know blood could do that... Ha! Squirt squirt squirt, what a mess!

You know what? I bet I've got a buddy watching out for me. A guardian angel! I mean, who else cleans up after me when I have to run?

Hehe maybe someday I'll find out who takes all of the messes away, who takes the weights away...

I wonder where the bodies go after I'm done with them?