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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Spoon Full Of Sedatives Helps The Gunman Go Down

Oh my little students... guess what...

Hehehe I got myself a free gun! But wait-- Not only was it free, but its also the property of an annoying little boy who tried to kill my darling Shady. Oh the things that I can do with this pretty little thing... Not like I couldn't have gotten a gun on my own, but this is a special little beauty. Snerk snerk, maybe I'll have some fun with it. How would you feel about that Shady? How would Joshy-boy feel about it ;)?

Speaking of Shady... It breaks my heart to hear about all the crap you're dealing with, it really does. And right before Valentines Day too! However, I'm very proud of you for finally making the right decisions. When you kill lovely Lenore, can I have the body? Or wait-- Maybe you could record yourself smashing her skull in when you do it. Could be a wonderful Valentine's gift

If you're in the market for sweets, I prefer dark chocolate. Red roses, with plenty of thorns. Do you like roses? Hehehe no, I think I have something in mind you'll like more... If you're not feeling well, maybe you can convince Brood to let me visit you for a little dinner date sometime. I'm sure, in your current condition, you could convince him with a few crocodile tears. Just kidding, I would never ask you to degrade yourself like that. Hehe if he won't let me visit you, I'll simply have to kill a few more people to convince him. What chemical weapon should I use first? Hehehe...

Oh wait, let's pause. That reminds me!

Are you refrigerating those chemicals I gave you baby? The consequences for letting them spoil will be...  very very scented. I would tell you more but you know how I feel about spoilers.

On another topic, there's a new blogger on the block who goes by the name of Frank. I like this kid a lot actually, reading his blog reminds why I enjoy what I do so much... In fact, it inspired me to get out of the house and do some work around town. More details on that later!

I've had quite a month indeed. I saved the damsel in distress from getting shot, finished the cast list for my play, made some very important calls, took pictures of a cat, started working on my latest project (Inspired by Dia, of all people) and well... just had a lot of clean wholesome fun, y'know?

Am I the only one who finds it repulsing how dull this planet is some days? Humankind has lost its vision. Nowadays, only the truly refined can admire the beauty of what I do.

But that's what you're here for, right? You want me to teach you how to admire the masterpiece that is murder. Oh, and I shall... Hehehe I shall indeed.

That's why I made this blog, isn't it? To bring you into the future. It's inevitable.

First, I'll change Shady. Then, I'll change the world... and then I'll tap dance my way across the world, pouring acid on the faces of anyone who resists.

Oh well look at me, thinking big. Hehehe that's not even the biggest part of my plan though, I can't spill all the tricks. That would be silly. There's quite a few surprises in store for all of you, and until I start really working... well until I start really working, I'll do whatever jobs the big man gives me. No runner is safe, you know?

Did I mention that list I found that I had misplaced so long ago? I can't recall...

BRILLIANT. What's brilliant? I can't remember. But I will, and that's brilliant as well. Hehehe I always remember eventually.

Dark poetry. Oh the teenage years. Why do I have so much of this stuff? Haha I was sick even as an adolescent. Adorable.

The dreams are back. Weird dreams. I blame him. The big guy. Man, I can't keep my mind on one topic at a time can I? Pity I haven't finished my Fright Night recollections... Tsk tsk, get your head on straight, boy-o... Hahaha because my head needs to be straightened out, right ;)?

I'll make sure to finish that as soon as possible. I just don't have enough time to go over the footage and refresh my memory, but as soon as I finish the meat I already have on my plate I'll be sure to check it out. It'll be so much fun :3 Like a trip down memory lane.

Memory lane is quite gory... Hehehe

Gosh look at the time, look at the time. I wish I could chat for a little longer but there are things to do and basements to bloody. I'll update you again soon. Very soon, hopefully. :)

Ciao amici,


  1. Sigh... Don't kill anyone. It's bad enough you have Joshua's gun, despite me already thanking you for intervening and all. Did you think up a debt yet? I'd rather get it done with.
    Also, play nice and I'll make sure Brood and his people don't shoot you on sight. Hell, maybe I'll have something nice waiting for you for that horrid holiday. Considering how pointless it is to tell you no. You rarely listen anyways, ughs.

    And yes, I refrigerated them immediately. Interesting mix you have going on there.

    As for everything else, well, I can only wait ever so patiently for what you have in store.

  2. ive finally got it.

    every time a read a posting of yours, it reminds me of me when i was much younger and didnt take my sedatives.

    the part i find interesting is you tend to start with a straight train of thought. then you go off on several different interesting fun filled tangets....but you always find some way to tie it back in to the main thought.

    not that you should give a shit what some teenager with anger problems and antisocial behavior thinks, but im impressed. A for you.


  3. you creep me out. very much so.


    i, whitelight, dub thee...//Desaad//.

  4. ....I fucking hate you sometimes. You should know better than anyone why. Evil, affable bastard.

  5. You don't know how many good laughs I get from reading your reactions <3

    The only thing that could bring me greater joy is... hehehehe spoilers :)

    @Shady, darling don't rush me. I wanna make this as much fun for you as it is for me ;)

    @Obse-I can't spell your name out, ADHD is a wonderful diagnosis. See how far I've gotten by using it as a tool for my benefit? Its all in mastering your equipment... hehehe and finding the right arteries to cut.

    @Whitelight, SUCCESS. Desaad. Hm. Not sure if it'll catch up ;P but thanks I guess. Hehehe I'll make sure to pay you back in return. How do you like... tea... hehehehe

    @Dia <3

    1. tea? oh man, i love tea. it's fucking awesome.

      do you have any sleepytime? that stuff is like fucking crack.

    2. Hehehe sleepytime is a special favorite of mine.