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Friday, November 18, 2011


Cannibalistic babies. Think about it. Scarier than any horror movie you could ever imagine.

Anyways, what was I going to say? Oh right! Shady and I have had quite a wonderful time together, thus far. On the ride home, Shady was so cute. If I didn't have plans for my own, I'd pull her eyes out of her head and save them forever. Her eyes are lovely. 

Have you ever had one of those magical moments when you make eye contact with a beautiful girl and you suddenly get the urge to move to Alaska and settle down to have a family? Neither have I, but I DID have a wonderful revelation the other day. Oh the things that are running through my mind!

Dear Victor, 
Stop being selfish. You can have Shady later. It's my turn to have fun. 

I still have my employer to lean on if any party crasher's show up. So I suggest you all avoid trying to play the hero. Or the villain. I've been cast as both roles. Hehehe my show. But what kind of a show is it? I've always enjoyed dark musicals. Sweeney Todd is a classic... I am not a fan of meat pies though. 

First day with Shady was very eventful. After getting back to my secret lair, I showed her to the basement showed her my office. Hehehe then we played operation, and she loved it.

Just kidding, we didn't play operation! We played doctor. I patched her more major wounds up with my medical kit (Which Doctor Proctor had so rudely used on Lullaby or... DeMii or whoever it is he knocked up while he was here) and gave her some medication for any possible infections she might have. 

Ferus, you sure did a number on her. Victor, if you wanna eat somebody go eat Ferus. But wait until after the party! 

On the topic of the good old Doctor who turned out to be a divine idiot named Thuggee, I wonder why he knocked DeMii up. Family drama issues... 

Until I can find better accommodations for my dearest doll, she'll be slipping in my office. Hehehe I let her decide if she wanted the chains and whips or not. 

Shady, welcome back to Jersey. I hope you like my house. You'll be staying here until the party... 

Let's get cozy and snuggle up with a cup of tea. Hehehehehe. 

I wonder if she will like the games I have planned for us?

I wonder if you find this post extremely kinky ;)



  1. I think most babies are already cannabilistic, I've seen them bite people before. It's not scary because they don't have teeth, now razor toothed babies capable of crawling faster than most people can walk, there's a good scare.

    See you around

  2. Ughs... You're going to give them all the wrong impressions on what's going on. Don't make me hit you again.

    But, it hasn't been bad staying with you. I'm just happy to be able to get some sleep.


    Cage, that's disturbing but hilarious.

  3. Shady, I always knew you were a freak like me. Accept your... darker? side! I'd happily play, but I'm pretty sure your "friends" are more than enough to keep your hands full for now.

    Be a doll, and make sure he doesn't poke you too hard. Giggity. ^.^

  4. dia. have i ever told you your fuckin awesome? no? you are.

    that is all.

    also give the babies wings. bat wings preferabbly. bat wings with no skin, but lots of muscle.

    and horns. horns made of blood.

    gonna go make an evil cherubim now. brb, stealing my aunts child.

  5. Dia, you're awful yet hilarious. I adore you for it.