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Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Wonderful Start To The Summer

Hehehe Ms. Smith finally sobered up, boys and girls. Oh, did she have quite a few things to say to me...

Her real name is Rachael. She is twenty-four. Her first encounter with the Tall Man was ten years ago. Her family is dead. She started running five years ago, after her fiance was brutalized by a proxy with a sledgehammer. That was when she killed her first proxy! Fascinating...

Since than, she has killed quite a few hollowed servants. She has also killed two intelligent thinkers, such as myself and she hasn't slept for more than three hours at one time in months. She is very good at car jacking, shooting things and making turkey and cheese sandwiches. Hehehe its so wonderful getting to know new friends, ain't it?

The Venus Project was a complete success. It seems that I have finally perfected my formula! I'd like to thank Shady and Dia for their generous donations of blood to my project. I would have never isolated the create chemicals for my recipe if it had not been for you two ;)

At this moment, Rachael Smith is fixing me a late lunch in the kitchen of one of my many hideaways. She's got a magical touch when it comes to cooking. I wonder if I she went to culinary school before she became a Running Gun? I should ask her. I'm sure she'd be more than glad to answer my questions. Hehehe

You see... The Venus Project is very special. It takes quite a few doses of the mixture for the recipe to take affect, but once it does... Hehehe its truly magnificent. Its almost like she can't say no to me in her current state of mind ;D

And best of all, the affects are permanent after five doses!

With this new recipe... Hehehe... I'm going to be a real ladies man ;D

Rachael really is very cute in this form. I come home after a long day of work and she's eagerly awaiting my arrival with dinner and affection :,)

The only thing that would make this even better... is if it was Shady. Hey babe, I can't wait to see you again... I wonder if I'll have to use more doses on girls like you and Dia, the ones with the stronger willpower... Hmmm....

I guess I'll have to test it out eventually. Hehehe...

Its funny really, I originally intended to just splash a dose of Party Potion on her and let fate drag her to a grave... but this is just so much more fun. Turning an enemy into a pet. Now I see why Thuggee does it!

Hehehehe I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve! This month just keeps getting better.

Ha, what's up Doc? See you seen, old chap!

Shady, keep doing whatever your doing... its super adorable. I'm so hot for you right now.

Aaaaah... Rachael gives great massages, as well. Its nice having someone around to talk to, ya know? Hehehe I think I scare her when I talk about my innermost thoughts, but she behaves like a good pet and listens quietly.

Hm, maybe I'll adjust the recipe a bit for Shady. I don't want her to lose her spunky side, ya know? I like her feisty personality. I'll have to figure out a way to keep that around... Maybe four doses instead of five.

We'll see what goes on.

Anyways, what have you all been up to, my dear students? Have you been causing trouble :)?

Let me know... Or else I'll have to visit you and ask you in person :) I'm always looking for an opportunity to test my Party Potion!


  1. Did you happen to find out how she happened to steal my name? -.-

    1. Hehehe hey, maybe you stole her name... Hehehe Amy Smith. Jane Doe. Susie Johnathon...

      Are you being honest with us, Amy? Hehehe is that really your name? Maybe we should test out Venus on you to find out for sure... Hehehe

      Just kidding. Why would my precious recipe on someone who could just as easily be turned into a pet via other methods? Hehehe ;D

    2. Of course it isn't my real name, but hell, it's still an annoying coincidence. I picked it for its generic qualities. <3

      Watch your mouth, little man. I know where you sleep.

    3. Oooh did I touch a sensitive spot? Hmmmm... Fascinating.

      It's like you're asking me to do something. Tempting offer. How's your little boyfriend? Hehehe.

    4. Advy, kindly shut the hell up while you're ahead. Jesus. You talk so much for a psychopath.

    5. Hehe I think you would like me even less if I chose to be quiet.

      Hmmm... I wonder what he's doing right now... Relaxing at home, maybe? Relaxing... with you? Perhaps, thinking about you right now? Has the haunting started yet? Is he alive, right now? Do you know for sure?

      Or perhaps he is like me. Perhaps, he is a thinker like myself. Hmmm... you could be sleeping with the enemy, for all you know.

      I wonder... I'll have to pay him a visit. Ask him myself. Where does he live? Hehehe

    6. I know he is alive, just as I know your location and how far it is from mine. I know how safe I am, versus how foolish you are being. Putting your neck on the line for little ole me would be a bad idea.

      He is alive, and he is naive. I've thankfully taught him better than to talk to people like you.

    7. Oooooh I see. Mother Amy is keeping all of her little duckies in a row :)

      Tell me, how do you know all of this? Hehe are you a psychic? Oh oh oh! Can I see your crystal ball?

      Hehehe how can you really know anything to be true, girly. He could be a magnificent actor, playing you like a harp.

      Curious and curiouser, eh? Ha!

    8. I can see him from where I'm sitting, and as for the rest? None of your business, my lovely little monster. Aaaaaaaaaaand no. Jordan isn't the type to manipulate me. Hell, I'd suspect Atticus of manipulating me before I suspected Jordan. -.-

      I protect my loved ones. I'd say that's better than you can claim.

    9. Hehe okay, deary. If you want to believe all of that, you can... Hehehehe.

      Ooooh thanks for letting where he is... Hmmm this will make a nice addition to his file.

      Bah, it doesn't matter if you "know my location". I can be anywhere I want at any moment. Haven't you ever heard of the Path of Black Leaves? Sheesh!

    10. "Ooooh thanks for letting where he is... " Oh, sweetie, you can't even form a coherent sentence. You forgot the "me" and the "know" in that sentence. Not to mention, he comes to visit me all the time. I didn't tell you anything you didn't already know, silly! Advy.. you really aren't much of a threat. Just face it and let it go.. just like Shady's feelings for you, yes?

    11. Sorry, its a little hard to type right now. My hands are still sticky from mixing a bowl of glue and the keys... Hehehe well, they're not behaving. Besides, my brain moves faster than my fingers do.

      Oh, no, you didn't tell me something I didn't already know, but you just let me know where he is at this EXACT moment...

      My advice to you, don't let him leave tonight. Hehe or tomorrow morning... ;)

      Hmmm everybody keeps bringing up Shady and I's relationship... Nosy little gossips, aren't you? What does that have to do with anything? Scrounging for a comeback, Amy?

      Makes sense.

    12. Eh, we'll likely be boning and sleeping for that whole time. Like he'd be leaving anyway.. I mean. Whoops. TMI.

      You can't stop talking about her, you twit. We can read just as well as you can..

    13. I'm sensing something... Amy likes calling people silly names like twit... hmmm...

      Conclusion: Amy gets off on calling people names. Is this some kind of branch of the "Dirty words" fetish?

      Closer examination is necessary to establish a stronger conclusion.

      Have fun, then. Hehehe he can't stay with you forever, now can he? And I doubt you can keep him from abandoning his outside life.

      Do you really think YOU can protect him??? Perhaps YOU are the naive one...

    14. And you have a fetish about control and submission. I like calling people names because that's what I think of them. But, for the record, I DO like dirty talk. I prefer hearing it, though. ;D

      One of us will die. Then the other one will die. Just like every other relationship. I hate to put it this way, but I warned him repeatedly about the risks.

      I would like to protect him, sure. But I consider him very useful cannon fodder that I happen to like, by now. Can't afford to care any more than that.

  2. That is what Venus is? God, you're sick. And it's rather sad you have to resort to those measures for some affection. Hehe. Sad. Little pathetic.

    Keep that shit away from Dia and myself.

    1. HA! Affection? No, if I wanted affection... hehe I'd have very different methods. No, I prefer to call it... entertainment. Its fun to see a grown woman jump through hoops, literally. Its not like she can protest now.

      Don't worry, if you're going to get jealous I'll tell her shes not allowed to fall all over me. I'm sure she'll be depressed about it for a little, but hey... Anything to make you happy babe ;) Har har...

      Hmmm... It sounds like you're ASKING me to inject you.

    2. Huh... So that's what you're into. Grown women jumping through hoops, literally. Thanks for that... Insight, I guess.

      Oh no, no, no. Let her fall all over you. Maybe you'll fixate on something else then. :D yay!

      Or, better idea: Inject yourself with ALL of it and see what happens!!

    3. Hehe well now, that actually sounds like a pretty nifty idea! However, how could I examine the test results if I was in that state of mind. Tsk tsk, too bad. Its a shame that the concept is flawed. Hehehe.

      You know what else is a shame? The fact that you're still in denial about your feelings towards me... Its actually quite tragic.

    4. That's the point.

      Denial? I know very well that I began to care about you, it's obvious enough. Even as you threatened people I cared about. Then you harmed Dia, and even more you went to Thuggee's side. No, no, no, Advocate. I know what I feel, I just am choosing to let go of it. There isn't any sense caring about someone that just wants to harm me and those I surround myself with.

    5. Hehe but Shady... it doesn't have to be that way :)

      All you have to do is stop fighting me and you can save everyone.

      Stop resisting and the entire game will be changed, you understand? It's your decision. Hehehe

      Give me your love, babe. We'll work it out together. Should I write you a love song? Would that change your mind... Hehehe

    6. I shouldn't have to do things your way to save everyone. YOU shouldn't be threatening them in the first place. I have no guarantees you'd ever leave them alone, I have nothing but your word and we've seen how well you twist them.

    7. Shady, trust is very important in a relationship.

      Trusssst me :) Hehehe.

      Wouldn't you rather discuss this over dinner? Hehe maybe we could go see a movie. ;)

      I'm just saying, there are much easier ways to deal with our disagreements. Hehehe

    8. Ooh baby. Call me whenever ;)

  3. You sure do like talking about me. Do you ever shut up?

    1. Hmmm... Coincidentally, I tried to once. I think that was when I killed a relative for the first time. Hehehe

      You know you LOVE the attention!

    2. No. I've been gone for months. Your irritating little endeavors are worrying me enough to peek back in more often. Go retire or something.

    3. Ha! Retire!? That sounds dreadfully boring...

      Is that what you did, Dia? You retired? Couldn't take the heat anymore? :)

      Hmmm... I think you miss the attention and THAT is why you keep checking in. You just want to make sure that we still talk about you. That we haven't forgotten you... Hehehe

      Oh Dia... Don't worry. I could never forget you. In fact, next time we meet, I'll insure that you will never forget me! :)

    4. It's less boring than I'd prefer, but.. oh wait. I almost cared enough to tell you about my life. Whoops.

      I had my reasons. You were my scapegoat. How'd you like being used? Did it feel good?

      I have more than enough attention in the life I lead now. I don't want people to talk about me.. I want them to ignore me, and forget a lady named Dia really ever existed. Hide in plain sight. It's been working. Except for people like you. -__-

      If we meet again, you will be the one in pain. I won't be a victim ever again. Let alone to your stupid sadistic shit.

    5. Oh darling Dia, please... I think we all know that you're little facade of toughness is paper thin :)

      I, for one, thought it was HILARIOUS how quickly you lost it when I pulled that needle out on you. Ha! It was pathetic in the most adorable way.

      I can make you a victim whenever I want, Dia. That's why you left. You realized that, no matter what you did, anyone like me could waltz in and make a victim of you.

      You're just lucky I was in a good mood :)

      I think, though, you will be the second subject that I will use Venus on. I'd love to see what you're temperament is like afterwards.

      Hehe you used me? Dia, you're fooling yourself.

      Imagine me dancing a jig right now, because no matter what I do... You will never be able to stop me from doing it.

      Try and get used to it. Maybe you'll enjoy it just as much as I do someday :)

    6. It was, frankly, a shitty act you fell for just like everyone else does. Jesus, did I not switch moods enough times for you to catch the fact that you didn't *actually* scare me? How boring of you. I thought better of you.

      I let you idiots in. Everyone I met with, everyone I saw, even the "surprises" all served me in some way. You don't have to believe me, but you should really pay a bit more attention to the lady that tells you she'll lie to you from the beginning.

      Venus, no. That would require you getting that close. Which, again, just plain isn't fuckin' going to happen.

      I used you. You and your cutesy little needles and your empty threats. You, too afraid to TRULY hurt Shady. Just a bit of blood.. hell, I didn't even have to fight. It would have been easier not to, you weren't even interested in violence.. much. I picked a fight with you and acted like the frightened little doe. Sure, I got a small injury out of it, but hell. You even gave me a nice band aid for my troubles. ;D

      I can and I will stop you.

      Keeping fooling YOURSELF. You obviously don't know me that fucking well, if you're still treating me like the victim.

    7. Hehe it looks like Dia has a "Rant" button, and I just pressed it...

      Hmmm I'd love to see you "stop" me. You bark a lot, but so does a Chihuahua. Hehehe where's your bite, Dia? Oh wait... That's right! You're too busy hiding away to actually bite anyone.

      Oh well, sticks and stones.

      You know how we can solve this whole thing?

      You, me, and a needle. I wonder how you'll respond the second time around. Hehehe come on, Dia... What do you have to lose?

      Even you said it. You'll "stop me". You won't be "my victim".

      Let's get this started already! Haha!

    8. Oh wah, look at that, Advy wants to manipulate me. Nah. No thanks. I'm good. But, oh hey, if I ever decide to come back? We might get that 'rematch', or whatever the fuck you wanna call it.

      I hide for a reason. So please just shut up before you continue making yourself look stupid.

    9. Aw. Come on Dia. Be a sport... Pweeeeeeaaaaase. Tell me, what does scare you? Does Slender Man scare you? No? Do I scare you? No? Does Thuggee scary you? No?

      Maybe we should all get together and have a party to talk about it!

    10. -falls over laughing- None of the above scare me, good grief you're off. The last time we got together and had a party, I almost died. -.- Let's go with another "No thanks."

      Are you getting lonely, sweetheart? All the constant rejection from Shady and the "strong-minded" like myself getting you a little desperate? Must be, to be making things like that "Party Potion." Sounds like a downgrade from a date rape drug, and fuck. There ARE dating sites if you're that hard up for a friend. ;D

    11. Ha! Silly Dia, the Party Potion is nothing like a date rape drug.

      Party Potion is... Wait-- No spoilers! I'll just SHOW you later :) Would you like that?

      Hehehe Dia, I think what you need is a good chat about your psychological state. Tell me, what was your childhood like?

      And I repeat the question, what scares you? Hehehe

      Oh gosh, now I really want you to experience the Party Potion fully. Can we turn this little concept into a reality soon?

    12. -giggles- My psychological state is just fine, dearie. I'd know. My childhood was.. oh, wait, no spoilers! Do the homework yourself, lovely, the information on it is out there... somewhere.

      Isolation. I'll never have to worry about that, though. ;D (Who knows if I'm even telling you the truth? I tell so many halftruths and lies of omission and full out fabrications!)

      I'm not coming out of hiding over a cocky little monster.

    13. "I'm not coming out of hiding over a cocky little monster." No, no you aren't.

      You know one of my favorite games is Hide 'n Seek, right? Hehehe

    14. Shady doesn't even know where I am! Gallows hasn't found me! What makes you think you're so special, eh?

    15. I'm TheAdvocate. I've always been special :)

      At least, that's what my parents told me. And then I killed them.

      What makes you think that I can't?

    16. You haven't yet. No one has. Nor will I let them. Stop chasing people that don't want you around, Advy. It'd be beneficial for your health AND your heart.

  4. That is so awesome Mr. Advocate!!! I want to make something like that some day!!!
    Oh..sorry...I went a little overboard didn't I.