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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Party Potion

Surprises are the best. Cliffhangers are pretty fun too. Leaving someone hanging on the edge of their seat, wondering what will happen next... Hehe almost as fun as planning the surprise in the first place. Do you like surprises? 

Hehe good news! I've selected the names for three of my latest projects: "Venus", "The Water of Life", oh and my favorite "Party Potion". Fun with chemicals, kids! 

Now that you know what I've listed them as, you can try and guess as to what these wonderful little mixtures do and then when the big premiere show comes around we can all watch and see what happens. Who knows, I may be just as surprised as you are ;) Hehehe.

Oh so many things to discuss. Where to begin... 

Paper. I have lots of it. What's special about paper you say? Hehe not the paper itself but what is written on the paper. Expect casualties in Jersey, dear readers! Hehe I'm trying to decide if I should do things alphabetically or just... you know... random selection. I'll flip a coin on it later. 

How was everyone's Valentines Day? Steal any hearts? Dissect anything? Hehe I had an interesting day. Climbed some trees, took some high quality photographs from a distance... The usual. I almost visited my darling Shady, in fact I was dressed for the occasion in my sharpest tuxedo, but while I was sauntering through the woods, the boss popped out of nowhere. It was bit frustrating, to be honest. What a way to kill my plans for the evening. I headed home, sat down, and started writing. I jotted down at least ten pages worth of names and locations. Apparently, I'm back on the clock.

Technically, I was never off the clock... I was just sitting around, playing with the available toys in my corner of the world, waiting for the big guy to give me a target. Working with The Executor was my last official assignment, or at least that is the last one that comes to mind, and since then I've basically just been shooting from the hip. I wonder why tall and lanky seems so interested in keeping me busy... Very curious. Hehe

Speaking of cats, DoctorProctor's curious case has reached a whole new level of weird. I find it hysterical. When I heard the news, I nearly died laughing... Hehe all this strange "Spirit-body-exchange-body-spirit" crap is really not my forte. Thuggly tried explaining it to me and its really very boring. Too many words, far too superstitious... I'm sure Mystery would be very interested in the situation, if she wasn't off on some wild chase to find The Executor. The little witch and I never did have the pleasure of meeting one another. Hehehe I'll have to change that...

Would you like that, Shady? Would you like it if I found your insignificant runaway friend and had her for tea? Hehehe. Oh I wonder how my chemicals would react to her. What blood type is she? Just wondering.

Oh, and Dia, if you're reading this... Hi there. ;) Knock knock?

I've been formulating wonderful plans for Joshua's gun, in fact I was just practicing my quick draw earlier. I am surprisingly good at it. Odd, I don't enjoy guns very much... Hehehe but they sure do look great.  

Hmmm... let me think... What am I forgetting... It was important.

Gingerbread cookies. Now I remember. I've got to keep deep tissue massages in mind. 

I'll make another update sometime soon. I'll be watching the Fright Night footage tonight. Fun fun fun! Anyone want to share some popcorn ;)?


  1. Replies
    1. Hehehe I guess we'll see soon, shall we? ;)

    2. .....you make me really freaking hate you.

    3. But soft, what noise? Who hates upon theAdvocate? Hehehe

    4. "Hates upon?" Your vocabulary needs a boost, hun.

    5. No taste at all. Tsk tsk.

      Hehehe do you like needles? ;)

    6. Hm....Hehehehehe just checking.

  2. I'd dislike it immensely. Leave Mystery be, she's got enough on her plate as it is.
    Well, considering Joshua's gun is in your hands I guess he can't really leave all that easily, now. Sigh, sigh, sigh.

    Dia, I doubt I need to tell you to be careful, hm?

    It is a shame you weren't able to stop by on Valentine's Day, dear. Oh well~

    1. Being careful never changes a thing.

    2. agreed.

      ginger bread cookies and deep-tissue massages.

      i could go so many different ways with that...


    3. Hehe oh but Shady... I bet she'd love to meet me.

      Hehehe did I mention that sometimes deep tissue involves the removal of said tissue...? Hmm must of slipped my mind. Anybody want a massage? Hehe