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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Help

Next time I meet with a client, I should do it in a giant shark-filled aquarium tank. Why? Because during this little meeting I was freaking starving. Without further introduction, Advo-Care Incorporated is proud to present the epic Tale of the Almighty Advocate and His Delightfully Devilish Companions:


A "Nameless" Character!

The girl who went by the alias of Nameless had been waiting for my arrival for some time now. I had shipped her a "package", and she had soon settled into one of my many hideouts nestled throughout the United States. I approached her in the morning, arriving silently and slipping into the house without alerting her. She was in the kitchen, most likely getting something for breakfast. Hehe I decided to see if she would jump at the sound of my voice, so I spoke up.

"Gooooooood morning, my dear. How'd you sleep? Hehehe..." She seemed surprised, but she showed little emotion. Killjoy. I walked over to the old, grungy coffee machine and pressed some buttons.

"I don't get much sleep, but considering the past few nights, fairly well." She replied, and then went silent. Sigh, this girl was all business and no fun! Finally, she spoke up again, "So, you're here finally. Do you want to have a tea party or discuss things?"

I snickered, chewing my thoughts for a moment. Someone needed to lighten up and it wasn't me. Hehe.

I threw a coffee mug that was sitting in the sink at a wall nonchalantly and it smashed on impact. "Tea? Hmmm, well tea sounds nice but perhaps something stronger... I've never been much of a coffee person. How about you?" I grabbed another coffee mug, but this time I grabbed it from the cabinet. I threw it aside when I realized how filthy it was, and it smashed inside the sink. Hehe when was the last time I did the dishes in this place?

I started humming a tune, contemplating whether or not I remembered to take the bomb from last month's project out of the dishwasher. "How are you feeling? Still dealing with symptoms?" I chuckled, referring to the Water of Life mixture. "I've been OH SO BUSY with patients lately. Boss boy has been extra bossy lately. I guess he's still..." I paused, grinning behind my mask, "angsty about certain things." I giggled knowingly and turn my attention to her as she replied.

"Yeah, the dizziness has gotten worse. Same with the aches and nausea. I've gotten sick a couple of times and the nightmares have increased, but maybe that's just me." She looked down at her hands as she was talking, and I noticed that they were unusually red. They seemed to have open gashes in them. Curious and curiouser!

She approached the kitchen table and slid her hands beneath it. Her eyes lifted to mine, and I detected a vague sense of hatred. "So what exactly is this stuff I'm taking supposed to do to me? And what does it have to do with my job?"

I approached the table idly chatting. "Oh, its just mutating your genetic code, really. Not a big deal, to be honest." A snicker slipped out of my mouth before I continued. "By the time you're finished with the three vials I sent you, your physical transformation should be complete. You'll be a regular old TOP OF THE LINE freak! It's gonna be great!" I got excited and slammed the table. Whoops. Hehehe. "Your muscles will tone and maintain themselves, which means that you'll be in perfect shape until the day someone puts a bullet in your head, your five natural senses will be heightened drastically, your agility and reflexes will become superhuman and... Well, in short, imagine yourself as the perfect human being. Maybe not sane, but physically perfect. Hehe. There... there are a few..."

I paused, tapping my fingers, "...a few minor flaws in the formula. Hehehe... but I'll guess we'll... um..." I charged the counter, and slid a drawer open. "We'll have to see what happens." I sifted through the utensils. "Won't we? Hopefully you won't die! Haha!"

Nameless narrowed her eyes, smirking. Perhaps she felt entertained? Hehe good. Her smirk increased when I began to explain to her that the formula would basically transform her into a superhuman. I returned to the table, leaving the drawer open, and took a seat across from her. "As for your job, well, I have a few people I need eliminated and I have one specific person that I need you to keep an eye on. Maybe a few other things, as well. Are you here alone? I know you were travelling with a few... friends..." I winked.

Her expression hardened. "Right. I still have Keith with me, as well as my sister, Lily. Right now... well, before Eden died, that incident with the shooting... You already know about that, don't you? Keith's been looking after her." She couldn't make eye contact with me, so she turned away. Guilty conscious, perhaps?

"As for Keith, he's out getting groceries right now."

I couldn't help but find that comment humorous. I sniffed, "Groceries? Hehe, he's your slave boy, then? Your errand runner? Haha, cute. Well, I'll be closely surveilling you and your amigos in the future, with the help of my... Secretary. Hehe so please, don't be afraid to smile at the camera and ask for assistance if you forget which wire to-- ah look,"

I caught a fly that was passing, momentarily examining my captive, "is this a friend of yours too? Hehe."

My muscles twitched while my mind refocused -- resetting -- and I started speaking again, excitedly.

"Hey, I've got a lot of business to take care of, I've been juggling a ton of crap since Doctor Proctor-- oh, I mean Black, hehe -- since Black spilled the big secret..."

I paused. Advocate paused. White paused. We paused. Time paused. Something unlocked inside my head. Hehehe, call it an epiphany.

I could feel my eyes becoming darkening. "Black... Ironic isn't it? He's the one who calls himself Black. But it's my blood I swear. It's all mine! Especially after he gave me his body, I don't -- I won't share! I'm no puppet. So I'll be White, and I'll be the one who plays his cards right." My legs jolted and I stood up abruptly. Involuntarily...

"I plan on visiting Shady very soon. I may leave for the asylum as soon as tonight. My secretary's name is Raquiela... I mean Rachel... I think...? Anyways," I pulled a knife out of my trusty satchel and carved a phone number into it, labeling it "Call me for a good time".

 "Give her a ring-a-ding if you need something. My boss takes care of expenses and funding, so if you need a gun or a computer or a bar of chocolate to soothe your raging female hormones..." I took a moment to chuckle at my humorous comment, "go ahead and ask. Is there any questions you'd like to ask me before I leave, girly?" Absent of mind, I toyed with the knife and leaned against the table.

She was glaring at me. I was a bit surprised when she stood up and headed for the door without answering me. "He's home," I heard her say. Hehe little nutcase, she's adorable :3

She pulled the door open and smiled brightly, and I heard her talking to someone. I saw her standing at the door... it took me a moment to comprehend what was going on and who was at the door. Hehe fascinating...

"Did you get everything on the list?" She asked. Nameless walked over to the cabinets, and gave her... companion... a look that said, 'We'll talk later.'

I watched my new "partner in crime" for a few minutes, studying her. Finally, she turned to me and started speaking,

"Shady..." A rather dark expression crossed her face as she continued. "You going to hurt her?" With all her strength, she seemed to manage to lift her eyes up to meet mine, waiting for an answer.

A strange question... I was quiet for a few moments, scrutinizing her. My eyes blinked, and my brain contemplated my response thoughtfully... And then a roaring cackle emitted from my lips.

"Oh maybe just a little, no pain no gain right? Hehe I have a plan to complete her. You see, she has this horrible way of fighting her fate and well... Hehe I'm just going to guide her on her path with a little prodding. She's mine, if you didn't notice." I walked over to the counter and began tapping my fingers against it. "I doubt you'd have a problem even I did intend to hurt her. You don't seem like someone who would let themselves get wrapped up in silly.... Emotions."

Her eyes became cold and hardened. She seemed defensive. She seemed to be in a state of conflict. "Of course not."

I chuckled. "Of course not. So, girl, how do you like to play? Are you a "dissect your victims with a knife" kind of dame or do you gravitate more towards killing with a gun?" I shuffled through my bad and pulled a folder out, setting it on the counter.

"It depends who my victims are," the girl replied bluntly, pulling the gun from her belt and admiring it as she continued. It was a pretty little piece, if you're a fan of shooting things. "For instance...Say my target is a runner. Just some young man who was unfortunate enough to stumble into the Father's path. Didn't really do anything wrong. He was just...unlucky." She raised the gun, pointing the crude thing at my head, her eyes seeming to sparkle as she squinted them at me. Most people would have panicked. "He'd get the bullet." Her finger pulled on the trigger and she smiled very faintly. Then, lowering the gun, she tilted her head and sighed. "Lucky I didn't put any in there." I couldn't help but smile at this little lady's guts.

Nameless set the pistol down on the table and twirled it around with her fingers. "People like that are kind of like me. The odds just weren't in my favor. It's not like I can remember what exactly happened that made me all brainwashed into killing my family and running off with the Siblings, but I know I didn't choose it. I just...happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time." Her voice didn't change, but her eyes were darker, showing something like anger, or even sadness. That soon disappeared though, and the girl's face was unreadable again. I wonder if she practices that look in the mirror every morning... "But fuck all that," Immaturely, I cracked a grin at the choice of words, "I started to realize that the past is the past and it's no good pitying myself and reminiscing about it. It happened and I can't do shit, but there's one way to cope with it."

"Running away and pretending everything is willy-nilly, running off with some other freaks from the internet only screws things up more. I don't regret breaking out of the Cage, but I should've found a way for myself and Ron sooner. But whatever...I was a child then...I've matured now." Nameless narrowed her eyes at the gun before placing it back in her belt and looking up at my face again. What kind of conflict was raging within her young mind? Oh how I'd love to dissect her sick mind. "If I do the Father's bidding, he'll spare me. If I disconnect myself from everyone I know, I won't be weighed down. If I get rid of love and guilt and pain, there's no way to hurt me. So that's what I've done, and I'm ready to stop fucking around and live my life, no matter how shitty it's been up until this point." With that, she stood up and stared straight at the me from across the table, her eyes still conflicting emotions. The rest of her face looked hard and unreadable.

"But enough about my past. Nobody cares about that. Let's get back to business."

I scratched my chin beneath my mask, intrigued. I hadn't flinched when Nameless pulled the trigger of the gun, confident that she had no reason to put a bullet in my head, though, the thought of her shooting at me provoked an interesting thought process. Hehe I wonder... bullet-proof armor is a potentially worthwhile investment. Hoohoo, imagine a bullet-proof mask! Before my mind began to trail too far off, I approached her. "Fascinating. Really." I circled her, approaching her from behind. All predators circle their helpless prey, do they not?

A syringe slid down and out of my jacket sleeve, landing in my tight grip. I giggled. Hehe.

"I wonder if I could cure you of your problems."

My eyes flickered. I could feel it! I could feel the freedom of insanity as it pulsed through my eyelids.

"Perhaps I could free you of your remaining sanity. Do you think you are sane?" I questioned her, softly pressing against her ear, almost whispering.

"Or are you certain that you've gone mad? Hehehe..." I took a step back, leaning against the fridge.

You know what? This girl kinda reminds me of myself when I was younger.

"L-O-L, girl. I like you. I think this relationship is going to be very beneficial to the both of us..." She seemed a little uncomfortable. Silly personal space bubbles! Nameless spun around, and began backing up a as to make space between us. Narrowing her eyes, she lifted herself up and sat on the table. By George, I think she think she's mad!

"I might be mad. Just a little. But I fixed some of it. I can reason now. I'm not a stupid little girl who thinks she can protect people and then just end up being wrong and letting her family die around her, then run off on them and-" There was a long pause as the little villain stared at the ground, the once blank look on her face now completely gone. Oh yes, she's completely mad! It seemed that she had lost control of her emotions, and was struggling to get them back into sorts.

"Excuse me," she continued as she slid back off the tabletop and started picking up the cups that I had thrown earlier, throwing them and the rest of the pieces in the sink. I smirked.

"I'm not crazy. I'm strong enough not to let trauma affect me that way. I can reason, and though I have my moments, in the end I control my own actions. No emotions or insanity get in the way of that." After she'd finished cleaning the floor of the mess, Nameless slapped her hands together and glanced at me once more. "But what exactly did you have in mind?"

"All the Runners I need eliminated are in that folder." Well, actually not the Runners that I needed eliminated... More like the Runners that Thuggee needed eliminated. At the moment, I didn't feel like that little piece of information was necessary to disclose.

"Nolan Beck. Dan Chilton. Ryan Leopold. Adam Wayne. John Smith. Hehehe a few other kids with silly names that they fabricated for themselves when they began running. Oh," I slapped the fridge, snickering,
"and a few Proxies, a few government agents, and well... Spoilers! Hehe I'll let you be surprised. Read up,"

I slid my hands into my pockets and sauntered over to her, "Have you been taking notes??? I don't like repeating myself. It's simple enough right? Just kill them and avoid being caught! If you need anything... Like I said... Ask and you shall receive." I could feel my focus slipping, and my impatience growing. I started to walk towards the exit of the kitchen. I suddenly had a desire to cut something open. Hehe.

Nameless nodded, sliding the folder across the table and holding it up against her chest. "I can remember...And where will you be going?"

"The looney house, of course! I've got to brew something special for my darling Lady." My tone was light and cheerful. Possibly a little ominous?

"Lemon-port Asylum is great this time of year, I hear." I tapped the walls as I practically danced towards the entrance of the hideout.

"One last thing," I coughed, calling back, "if your friend hinders your progress, I'll infect him with a flesh eating virus." I coughed again, jokingly. Opening the front door, I stepped outside and felt something evil embrace me. I was consumed by a distorted shadow. A pile of black leaves remained where I had once stood, symbolizing my departure into a much darker place.

STAY TUNED FOR OUR NEXT EPISODE, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Will TheAdvocate find true love? Will Nameless survived her genetic alteration? Is a bullet-proof mask a smart idea?


Hehe... that was fun. I really should be on TV...

Talk to you soon, boys and girls.

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  1. The Advocate better keep out of Limeport Asylum if he knows what's good for him. There's no true love to find there. Go back to be crazy somewhere else.