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Monday, September 19, 2011


Shady never came... Not even for two hostages! Hehehe I guess you just don't care, do you? I thought you would find me... I thought you would come and try and save them... Women are so unpredictable.

I'll just have to get you to come to my house for tea some other way. If I wasn't so moody today, I'd go do something nasty to Lullaby for the sake of getting a nice reaction from you. Shady. I want to see your face. I want your vengeance. Come on, don't you remember all the fun times we had with The Executor? You're so self absorbed, you don't even care about me anymore do you? Stupid Thuggly stealing your affection... I thought this whole bit with Lullaby would get me some brownie points. I guess I'm just gonna have to do something EVEN BIGGER to get your attention.

Hehehe why is it so cold suddenly? Stupid New Jersey weather. I hate you. I have a funny story about my pet hamster and a microwave but... I'm just not feeling it today.

Fine. Have them back. I'm letting them go. They're boring anyway. All they did was sit down in the basement and act like a bunch of... hehehe... I'll let them tell you about it. I wish I could see their faces when they do.

I was tempted to go down there a couple of times to interrupt them, but... Actually, I don't remember why I stayed upstairs. I remember having a headache. I think I drank too much or something. What did I drink? I can't even remember. I like gin and tea. It was one of those. I can't remember if I dropped something in it to give it an extra kick or not... I just remember... stuff. Never-mind. 

Bah, my head is being funny. I'm just gonna get this post over with and go, I need to go kill somebody.

Basically, Lullaby and Doctor will be back at the mansion later. I'm letting them go. I didn't have any fun with them or anything, they were completely boring and lame. It's more fun to harass them publicly, with paranoia and stuff.

It's gross seeing those two together... Not my type of entertainment.

Next time Doctor gets on my nerves, I might just kill him. As for Lullaby... hehehe, well that's a different case.

Okay well...

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  1. Heh, so not feeding you attention makes you take more drastic measures, classic attention murderer. But, it also had to set free the duo. Interesting, thanks, I'll remember that for in the future.

    Moody though, eh? You should take something for that, PMSing Advocate doesn't sound too pretty. Poor dear.