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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Is there a Doctor in the house?

Apparently so.

Hallelujah, Doctor, you're a wily little guy aren't you. All I wanted was to ask a couple of questions, you didn't to  freak out like that... Hehehe thank buddy. I needed a thrill, you sure know how to give a guy one. I would've never expected you to have hidden that gun there... I hope you remembered to put the safety on when you put it back.

Actually, I'm a liar. I hope you forget to put the safety on. You cracked my mask with your thick skull when you headbutted me. I think some payback is necessary.

ANYHOW, I bet all of you, my adoring fans, are wondering what I'm talking about. Well, last night I decided to pay a certain Doctor who calls himself Proctor a visit. At his house. Smart right? Honestly, I don't know what possessed me to go there. Maybe I'm just lonely? The Executor has been busy lately, and I've had no official work to play with for so long. I've decided to return to my previous projects.

Shady, do you smell like mints? I had a dream last night and you were in it. You smelled like mints. I couldn't help but notice the powerful scent when I stuck my needles into your spine, filling your body with foreign chemicals and delicious toxins. The way you quaked and sputtered was so beautiful. If only dreams came true.

You're with that witch now, aren't you? Wasting your time with things to take your mind off of me. Even now,  you're thinking about me aren't you? Don't fight love, honey. Don't fight it. Or else it might kidnap you and take you to the basement for an extended vacation <3

Back to my story.

I hardly expected you to fight back, Doc. Last time I showed up at your house in pursuit of my favorite girly, you were down and out of that fight in seconds. A swift club to the head... I can't exactly remember what else I did to you.... Did I do anything else? Quick, check your wrists for scars.

This time around you actually held your own. Good boy, you're finally growing up. Sorry about breaking that mirror in your room, I didn't intend to trip over those boxes. Why the heck is that house so stuffy with cardboard? You moving? Hehehehe, duh of course you're moving. I read your blog <3 ALL THE TIME.

Getting closer to Shady, huh? HEY BUB, watch yourself. She's mine. No hanky panky or I'll screw with your anatomy. Knives can do that, you know.

Remember, alcohol heals all things. That gash in your forehead is no exception. No hard feelings?

But seriously, bringing a gun into the fight was totally unnecessary. What do you think the neighbors would think when they heard those gunshots?

Bet you've got a lot of thoughts flopping around, eh? ME TOO. One of those questions is WHY IS MY COMPUTER SO SLOW? Blogging is such a pain. But I do it for my beloved fans <3 My students. My followers.

But seriously, I bet you're wondering how I got past your security system. You're probably wondering what I could gain from showing up in your room while you were packing. You're probably wondering what my goals were. You're probably just wondering "WHY?". Well, I'm not going to tell you. In a few weeks, you'll see why. Stay tuned, kids.

Shady Shady Shady, you're very far from a lady. But I love that about you. You're so cute when you act like a monster <3

Let's NOT be friends! Come abuse me, my dear. ;) Let's play.

Speaking of playing, I've been tossing around some different chemical compounds... I've got some new things to try out when the time comes.

INNOCENT STREET WALKING CIVILIANS, BEWARE! New Jersey won't know what hit it.

I'm going to church, be back later to poke around!



  1. You're such a dick. Good for Proctor for not taking your shit. Stop associating your stalker behavior with "love" and putting claim on me, every time you do I'm going to hit you with a rolled up newspaper. Bad! No!

    Wait... Wouldn't you burn to a crisp stepping foot into a church? Hm. Yes, please, go to church.

  2. Unfortunately. It has its perks, though.

  3. I'm not up to playing, not up to it. Conversation?

  4. Confession must be Hell for you.