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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tweezers & The Special Case

Well, students, you will be disappointed to learn that my employer has... misplaced... our subject of interest The Shady Lady. A shame, I really was having fun with her. She has a delightfully sour personality.

Anyhow, the Shady Lady is gone. I don't have the details to her escape, but somehow she managed to fight her way out of the Executor's little party while he was away, and flee into the woods. Seriously? What kind of an idiot flees into the woods? Oh that's right, the majority of characters casted in horror movies. Honestly, how is that working out for you so far?

I'm particularly irritated by how little time she and I managed to spend together. I love playing with my toys but she was a "Special Case", and I wasn't allowed to break her beyond repair. To prevent straining her mind too greatly, the Executor established a scheduled cycle of shifts. Before and after my shift I would take a walk in Jersey, buy a coffee, head to a local pharmacy to restock supplies, etc. It was quite relaxing. Once, I even managed to push a young teenager into the street while I was walking. A car hit him. His bones certainly had an very unique way of breaking. Of course, I wasn't caught in the act. Only an amateur would be caught while preforming such a menial task.

Which reminds me, have you ever tried to remove your father's left eye with a pair of tweezers? It's quite difficult, especially if he is alive and kicking when you try it. If you'd like, I will tell you more about this story at a later time.

Oh, and my next post will include details about the project involving Shady, and all of the fun methods of play I explored while she was in my care.

That upcoming post is dedicated to you, Mystery. I truly implore you: Enjoy it.


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