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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Silly Little Girls

I'm curious, are you anxious to hear of what occurred while Shady was in my care? If so, that is magnificent! I'm very pleased to hear that you are eager to learn. To an extent, I have enjoyed playing with you, promising results and yet forcing you to wait for them. I suppose I will be kind...and make you wait a little longer!

I'm a comedic genius. I was just playing with you, I'll be nice and retell the story for you.

Well, where to begin. Firstly, Shady's living conditions were the makings of a five star hotel. Quality food, air-conditioning and can I just say the staff was magnificent. Unfortunately, it seems she didn't share my views concerning the Executor's little bed and breakfast. Running away like she did and whatnot. Shady, if you are reading this I suggest you return. I miss you. If you didn't read my comment on your blog entry, you should. There were so many new games I wanted to play with you. If I was a teenage girl, I would probably insert a sad-face emoticon right now. Right there. Follow the arrow. Imagine a sad-face emoticon right there. ---> 

Anyways, what was I saying? I'm so easily distracted lately. Why? Because of silly little girls. Not to mention Victor... I don't even know what he is supposed to be. He likes to eat people, or so I've heard. I wonder if he is obese. I'm convinced he is a bored little American who wants to chase the Executor for no apparent reason.. Idiot. I think someone needs a new hobby. I rarely commit the act of cannibalism, there are too many calories and it takes to long to consume an entire human. Torture is more fun, and is definitely easier on the digestive system. 

But now back to Shady.

She was a fascinating case. I explored quite a few new and unique methods while dealing with her. 

Oh Shady, to say you were special would be an understatement.

You were a stubborn little brat. Strong-headed, and defiant, how unfortunate it was that I was forced to abide by the Executor's rules. I was so restricted. If only I could have broken your mind or your body. Either result would have satisfied me. Oh, but that couldn't be allowed... quite a shame. I was instructed repeatedly to leave your mind functioning. I had guidelines to work within. I despise guidelines. I am too creative to work inside the box.

However, I managed somehow. As I recall our time together, I almost wish I could have been allowed to push you harder. My mind is filled with all of the thoughts concerning this topic. The things we would have done together. Oh well, who can deny fate? What happens has happened, I'll have to deal with you when we encounter each other in the future.

Did you enjoy the games we played? The chemicals that flooded through your body, placing painful pressure on your sanity and weakening your resolve? I remember stroking your flesh so tenderly with my knife, eagerly sliding  a pair of needles beneath each and every fingernail, the soft heat of a lit match dancing up and down your spine, searing your flesh... and that was just the beginning. Then I explored all of the joints of your body.  How I enjoyed sliding my fingers into nerves and sending pain through you. Your expression was glorious! I really enjoyed it. Are your muscles till sore? Just wondering.

Afterwards, I retrieved my knife again. The next method you encountered is what I refer to as "700 Paper-Cuts". Sliding my dulled blade across your skin, repeatedly, never deep enough to draw blood, but just enough to case extensive pain. Seven hundred times, again and again. Then, I retraced my steps and carved new wounds into your delicate figure. Unlike the "paper-cuts" mentioned before, these were deep enough to draw a light trickle of blood. Did you like the Dora-the-Explorer band-aids I provided to control the bleeding? I though that would be a nice touch. I won't even mention how I beat you, and then dislocated your arm, that just seems like such an unimportant detail.

With all those fresh wounds and cuts, I decided to try a new trick. How did it feel when I slid those little blades of ice into the already opened wounds and allowed them to melt beneath your skin? Cold? 

What other things did I do to you? It seems like such a blur. If I am forgetting anything, please feel free to comment and I can add it to the list above.

Oh, and that baby doll I fed you. How did that taste? I had a lot of fun dissecting it, plowing it down your throat, and forcing you to chew on the plastic limbs. I was only mildly disgusted when you vomited it up. Honestly, you almost dirtied my shoes. You should have just followed my instructions and swallowed it. 

Wait, something is up. I'll be back later. I keep hearing noises outside. If Victor is trying to play games with me, I'm going to be very irritated. 

Sorry for the interruptions,
Enjoy the wonderful details

P.S. Mystery, this post is dedicated to you. Have fun.



  1. i would not dare let my Victori interupt true art, no not now an not forevermore.
    do not misstake hunger and darkness for aiding your little lady shade, he just hungerss so.
    the messenger grew lazy and lax believing he cannot be touched. lessonss learned

    fret not master of pain and blade i fear my Victori iss almost sated.
    for now. until the Konig calss again and WIlde Jagd proceeds.

  2. What do you think still hurts?
    You should know
    You did most of the physical damage
    Drugs are nearly gone
    The Dora bandaids burned my skin
    Worse than anything you did

    Will not come back
    My home is not with you
    You have only offered to me what others have already given
    I have adapted
    You should know I do so quickly
    You should have dipped the ice sheets in lemon juice
    or maybe hot sauce
    Maybe that would have done something

    There is plenty of time for new games
    Should you live long enough
    You will be seeing me in the future
    I wonder though
    How will you fair against an unbound me?
    How will you handle what I plan to do to you?
    I look forward to seeing

    Until then I will say to you what I said to Executor
    Fuck you and the horse you rode in on

    Without any love,

  3. Shady: Lemon juice and hot sauce. I'll have to try that! Or perhaps base acids, or something equally delicious. And I don't ride a horse, silly! That would be ridiculous! Are you still sane? Don't answer that. I'll see for myself, very soon.

    This Forgotten Throne: Thank you for the recognition! It is wonderful to finally meet another personality online who shares a passion and a sharp eye for the arts. The Executor seems like such a stiff, sometimes. He's a good businessman in the long run, though, and very dangerous. I'm quite interested to see how things with Victor will turn out. Oh, on another topic, I allocated the source of the noises outside. It wasn't Victor.

    Details later. Perhaps.