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Monday, May 23, 2011

Recollections In Jersey

Today, I had an epiphany while walking in Jersey. I passed a locally-owned children's toy store, and upon viewing the porcelain dolls and deformed dinosaurs I felt the disgusting taste of nostalgia climbing my throat. You see, my parents never bought me toys when I was a child. Actually, they did for a short while until they realized anything they purchased would soon be... well, to summarize it, I enjoyed making adjustments to the original design. I had a fancy for removing limbs, eyes, hair and once I even managed to bake my younger sister's favorite Barbie in the oven at 400 degrees to test if it was volatile concerning extreme temperatures. I fed the disfigured remains of the melted test subject to the family dog, while allowing my sister the pleasure of watching from across the room.
     As much as I despise my family I must admit that I am fond of these childhood memories. At a young age, I was fascinated by blood, teardrops, sowing needles, internal organs, dissection, the effects of blunt force trauma, chemical poisons and toxins, and the human body in general. I found pleasure in studying pain, and how pain is caused. I pursued these things into adulthood.
     This was the first step along the path of enlightenment: realizing that organisms are made to be disassembled. Now, examining the clock, I realize there is still business to be dealt with. Look at me, sitting at a laptop writing while there is a task to be done.

I have a date with a beautiful young Lady.
Till next time,


  1. Enjoying your shifts then I take it? Be careful with her neck when you take over later. I have noticed the spinal problems she speaks of may be accurate. Keep the thing secured in the torso and head as well so she does not jolt herself about the place. We do not want our captive breaking in two or losing her head; literally I mean for figuratively that is already occurring.

  2. It's no fun playing with something that is dead, I suppose... I'll try to keep her head on her shoulders. I'll be bringing in a few tools of my own to restrain her. Chains and such aren't my style, I prefer zip-ties and needles...

    I'll try not to break the little toy.