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Monday, January 16, 2012

Special People

Hello again, kiddies. We've been very busy bees over here at Advocate Industries (We do what we do, because we can) since the last post was made. It seems that I'm not the only scissor cutting strings, though, and not all of my co-workers are exactly working for the same goal as I am...

Hey though, at least in the end I can look back and be proud of the art I've produced, and if any schmuck gets in the way of my masterpiece... well, I think the Boss will let me have my fun. He always has ;D

What was my point though? Never mind, let's jump to the next topic.

Cats. I love them personally. They're great companions, and always feel up to volunteering for my projects. BUT not only do they have fun personalities, they also have wonderful claws. Quite fun at parties. Dogs are nice too, but for different reasons. Cats though... they just have it all figured out.

As for black cats... well, I have one in mind that needs to be dealt with.

Shady, Shady, Shady... If only you and I could have another extended vacation together... So much to talk about.

Thuggee says hi, by the way. I know that he and I have had our differences, considering how he threw you around last year... but he's tolerable as a business partner.

He's a nut... a complete nut. Saner than I am, though. Maybe completely sane. That is what is weird... He gets inside your head, too. Like the Boss, but without the headaches.

Of course, I don't have a death wish (sometimes), so I'm keeping my distance from him. Associating with him doesn't exactly draw friendly attention. Even the big guy hates him. Executor and him have some kind of war going on...

I'm special though. I can cross the battlefield without having to worry about getting shot. Even Shady won't kill me.

Oh but look at me, rambling again. I lost my point... Cats... No, that's not what I wanted to talk about...

What would you do if you woke up one morning and found that everything you believed was a lie? Hehehe... Now I sound like Doc Proc.

Topic: The Fright Night. Now here's something that I can focus on. Part 2: Sexy times beneath the Gallow's tree ;)

Ms. Lady's party experience began in The Office, a blank white room modeled after a familiar Asylum. By her account on her blog, she cannot help but admit that I have a great sense of humor. Love you too babe. Too bad you stuck around for a tad too long and had to suffer the penalty for lingering in that room...

Bygones, I suppose. If you've read anyone's retelling of my party before, you'll know that I just can't resist chattering on the loud speaker. So I did. Maybe I monologue a bit, but I don't think anyone was complaining by the end of the night.

It didn't take long for Shady to get distracted by the next room. She crossed the New Jersey Times room, examining its newspaper covered walls, interested, but once again I had to usher her along to the next room. If I hadn't been working on a schedule, I would've allowed her to bask in the documented glory... Hehehe I would have let you all linger and enjoy my Themed Rooms.

She moved on to the next room. The Happy House. One of my favorite rooms... Previous volunteers who either succeeded or failed my tests, packed into cages and left to burn with the rest of the mansion. Do you lament that they could not be saved, Shady? Part of me would have liked to keep them for further examination... but there is only so much you can do with a broken mind.

This room is where Dia and Shady bumped into each other for a bit. Boring, in my opinion. May as well have been a knitting club encounter. Would've been quite a show if they had lingered 12 more seconds. That's live television for you.

The two little girls skipped off together into a dark room, and you already know how Monsieur Ferus handled things... Hehe so exciting.

Seperated, Shady ran off to the School House to meet with dearest Josie and Dia... well, Dia learned not to trust strangers.

Jeez, I really did teach some life lessons that night... To me, its all a bit blurry. I may be mixing the order of events up, I can't quite recall, but I think the memories I created will linger for a long, long time. Maybe forever.

I guess we'll see. I've been at this computer all day playing with coding, and writing emails to send to far off individuals, and I'm getting bored, so I'll hop along again soon to write up the next part of my retelling.

Hehe see you soon ;)


  1. Wow, you really haven't changed much. You and Thuggee both. Remember me? Of course you wouldn't, I was always somewhere else...waiting for Shady to be killed by one of you crazy bastards. It's not much different now, is it? but only three months, I suppose...I changed quickly, but it hasn't been very long.

    It's funny, how I can still be so protective of the family I abandoned...split up now, I think. I don't look back to check, but if it is so, it's probably my fault. Me and Mystery both, leaving selfishly. Anyhow...I really hope you're careful with Shady. Killing her obviously wouldn't be fun, so play with her all you want, but don't break her too much. Like I always say, as long as you're enjoying yourself, it isn't all that bad.

  2. Hehehe me? Change? Oh, girly, when you have something good going why change it...

    Speaking of which, still want help with you baby worries? ;)

    I have the tools in the back of my van right now. I can visit you anytime this week... Hehehe

  3. You are a terrible little man. If I didn't like you so much, I'd have to take a shotgun to your heart and start pulling triggers, eh?

    I would love it if you finished this sordid little tale sometime this month, you know. I'm tired of hearing about these things, two months later.

  4. I don't think I have to worry about getting impregnated, Advocate. But thanks for the offer.

  5. Ughs. I have no comment for any of this at the moment.