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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Something Bad This Way Comes

Hello sweet Jupiter babies,

Did you miss me?

Shadows played tag against the walls of Limeport as I slid between the Asylum’s wounds, infecting the hellish sanctuary with my presence. I could hear them—The voices of the extraordinary—as I crept into the rotten belly of this festering place. They sang in heavenly harmony, strongly contrasting the scent of Hades that filled my nostrils. The walls had been cleaned recently—I could detect the smell of strong bleach in the air. It was merely a coincidence that they had cleaned house, but I delighted in the idea of the janitor making the place up in preparation for my visit.
                As I began to slink through the halls, I remembered how desperately this building needed to be painted. Where I stood, the walls of the hallway were burnished white. Rather drab, I’m sure you’ll agree. Yet, as I approached my destination, I recalled once again how poorly secured thus Asylum was. I stood— completely exposed— with my face towards the main office of the building, as two security officers casually meandered by. With a flick of my wrist, a compact syringe promptly appeared in my hand. Moments later, two dead bodies appeared on the floor.
                I smirked at the pair, tickling one of the man’s veins with my syringe. Squishy. Hehehe. Neither had been alerted to my approach, and neither responded quickly enough to stop me from injecting them both with my poisonous chemical weapon.  My fingers twitched as I returned my needled weapon to its hiding place within my sleeve. My leg began to tap against the floor anxiously. I giggled, realizing what was going on. My body was anxious for a challenge—My body had a desire that needed to be filled. What to do, though? Limeport sucked at everything. The security was pitiful and the food was equally as bad. This place needed to be burned down for the sake of the American Dream. Am I right? Hehe.
                I approached the bolted door to the Asylum’s office. “VIVA VIAGRA!” I shouted as I kicked the door in with my foot and tossed my body through the doorway. With a hearty laugh, I snapped the neck of the man sitting at the room’s thin desk and grabbed a silvery little treasure from the wall.
                I passed the object back and forth between my hands. Through the fabric of my gloves, I could trace the metal’s unusual shape. It felt good. It felt cold. It felt like FREEDOM. I dropped the master key of the Asylum into my pocket and casually returned to sauntering down the hall. Another guard was frantically kneeling across the hall, too distracted by the sight of the two dead security officers to notice me approaching him from behind. WHAM! I clubbed him with my fist and shoved his face against the wall, smashing his skull against the hard surface. For good measure, I stomped his ribcage in with my wing-tipped dress shoes. What thou doest, doest with class.
                I listened to the sound of feet padding against the floor, and began to sing loudly. “They’re coming to take me away, haha, they’re coming to take me away…”

                After a few minutes, I finally got some peace and quiet. No blaring alarms or approaching guards; It was just me and the blood covered decor. I slid the key that I had obtained earlier into a lock and turned it. Click. I moaned with pleasure. Felt good. I gently stepped through the door and smiled at the sexy beast that rested within.
                “Hello Shady,”

                I snapped the neck of a guard and shoved his lifeless shape aside. Another security officer charged me from my right sight, but the sharp edge of my butcher’s knife quickly ended his assault. The man’s legs could no longer support him, so I grabbed him by the shirt collar and repeatedly stabbed my knife through his eye sockets. “Who you lookin’ at?” I cackled mockingly as I kicked his chest. Too bad he was dead, or I think he would have laughed too.
                I tossed my knife across the room with a victorious laugh and rested my hands against my diaphragm. Shady was there, snapping someone’s neck across from me. I couldn’t help but find her adorable, especially in this state… A corpse dropped near her feet, and I stepped over the lifeless body to reach her. My hands slid around her hips and I pulled her against me, kissing her forehead from beneath the slightly raised edge of my mask.
                “You’re quite hot right now.” I winked, but the moment was cut short by a guard that thought he was some kind of a ninja. I pulled a tomahawk from my satchel and stuck the man in the shoulder with the weapon’s cutting edge. Then, I ripped it out and tore the man’s chest open with blow after blow. I heard shouts coming from across the complex.
                “Time to go. Time to fight. Time to be free.” I grabbed Shady by the hand and charged into the heat of battle. Limeport Asylum had no clue what had hit it.

                Music played within my mind as red fluid was tossed into the air, splattering against my mask. There was blood everywhere. There was so much blood. It was incredible. I couldn’t get enough of the carnage—I could hardly contain my excitement. It was a perfect date. Sweat, blood, and tears littered the floor as my lover and I cut our way through the Asylum. Nothing could stop us. No man, nor woman, nor God could halt our triumphant charge. Security officers and men in white coats tumbled to the left and the right of us as we chopped and hacked and cut and slashed and bludgeoned and shot and stabbed and kissed and achieved victory. Hehehehe just thinking about it… It makes me dreamy.
                I clubbed a doctor in the face with the handle of my pistol and then proceeded to rip his throat out with a blunt pair of scissors. He wiggled, squirmed and whimpered as I did so… I wouldn’t let him die until I was finished. I glanced over my shoulder and smiled at Shady as she hand curled around the throat of a woman who had grabbed her. “Do it.” I whispered, barely audible. “Hehehe do it.”
                Both women tumbled to the floor as Shady and the stranger lost their footing, but moments later I could hear death ringing through the atmosphere. Good girl. I’m so proud of my little Shady. Then, Shady began shouting.
                “You made me! You made me this way!” I glanced down the hall to where her eyes were directed, but saw nothing. Then, I turned to look behind her and spotted a figure at the end of the hall. Oh, well how nice of him to visit.
                I quickly scrambled to my feet and wrapped my arms around her defensively. He would not have his way. She touched my mask briefly as she began to calm down. I softly stroked her hair with my bloodied hand…
                “Safe and sound.” I whispered, smiling. She seemed too distracted to hear… There was some kind of deep internal struggle occurring behind her eyes. Blood trickled from her lip as she bit herself. I pulled away from her, lifting her to her feet as she began surveying the bodies. Moments later, we were on the move again.
                Silence filled the grave that was once called Limeport Asylum as I unlocked the American Dream and disappeared through the door. My senses basked in the freshness of life… The freedom that now surrounded us.
                I glanced at Shady as I began to walk towards the emptiness of the outside world. A look of determination crossed her face. I grinned and laced my messy fingers through hers. A haunted Limeport began to drift into decay, disappearing in the distance as my lover and I floated like ghosts.
                The night was not over yet.

                The Haven could not have hoped to resist our combined skill.
                I cleaned my knife idly, watching as Shady beat the man called Brood to a sniveling pulp. Johnson, or whatever his name was, was pinned to the ground by the hulking creature called Sunshine. Dozens of bodies littered the halls and corridors of the mansion. Several mutilated shapes decorate the lawn. I glowed with a sense of accomplishment—My eyes were practically shining –as Shady finished what we had started. The game was finished, finally. It felt good. It felt warm. I smiled happily, content.
“They wouldn’t stop coming. The wards broke; we lost a lot of manpower. I was wrong. I thought I knew what I was doing but I had no idea, because of it a lot of people died.” I listened silently, watching from across the room, as Brood spoke. The fight had not lasted too long, but the man sounded entirely defeated. Shady dropped him from her iron grip and climbed to her feet, crossing me as she descended the stairs. Sunshine pushed past me, following. Tension filled the air as I glanced at Julius and Brood.
I cleared my throat awkwardly. “Well, nice to meet both of you.” I said as I exited the room. I could feel their eyes on my back as I departed. I wonder if Jasper still has a grudge against me. Or if I should return the gun I stole from him… Hehehe naaaaaah.
Moments later, Brood was standing on the stairs with us. Shady, Sunshine, Brood and myself… All just… well, ya’ know. Standing there.
Its rather odd, isn’t it? I never would have imagined myself standing in the same room as Brood or Jonathon without us trying to kill each other. Ooooh, man. Thuggee is going to have SUCH a tantrum when he finds out where I’ve been staying since I broke Shady out of Limeport…
Eh. He’ll deal with it. Hehehe.
I actually sort of like it here. It’s nice. Shady plans on leaving again, though… I suppose I’ll be departing then as well. She’s the only reason I’m sticking around.
I’ve been trying to toss all my chickens into a bush since reclaiming the Haven. Jackson doesn’t seem too happy that I’m here hehe but maybe we can have some male bonding time to help bring us together. I’m sure he’d love that. My assistant has been calling my cell phone like crazy since I left her alone at the Hideout… Needy woman! Ha.
Managing my projects has grown increasingly difficult since I started living at the Haven. Brood is very strict about what chemicals are allowed into the mansion and what people are allowed to do with said chemicals…
Maybe I’ll take a field trip with Shady, show her some of my finer estates. She needs a little TLC.
Anyhow, I’m finally getting around to posting this. Hehehe I apologize for the long break period. I’ve been distracted. If ya’ know what a mean ;D

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  1. It is pleasure to see you have returned. I am sure Agonia will be most pleased