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Monday, October 17, 2011


Hehehe I've been having a lot of black outs lately. Makes me wonder what the boss is doing. Anyone mind explaining how my favorite leather jacket got torn apart like this?

Big guy, you owe me a new jacket. That was genuine leather from Italy. 

Anyhow, I've decided to take up sowing as a hobby. It just seems like a useful skill to have, especially with my plans for little ol' Ike. I forgot to ask him what his skin tone was... Poo, I guess I'll just find out for myself in a little while.

Hehehe don't be too scared, kid. I'm just in the market for a Halloween costume. Har har har ;)

Do you have any siblings? I don't have the attention span to read your blog for more than three seconds, so... ya, if you could just list the height and weight of all of your siblings and your parents, that would be much appreciated! 

How are all of my students today? Hehe its October, and I think we all know what that means! Time to have some fun! Who wants my recipe for licorice whips? They are a bang at parties. My caramel corn has a sweet and sharp taste like no other! And lets not forget that I make a killer pot pie! 

I absolutely adore this holiday <3 Its like a second birthday to me!

Who should I invite to my house for my annual fright night party? Wanna see my guest list? Shady, you're at the top, but you'll NEVER guess who else is. Hehehe 

So much to talk about, but I'm too excited to sit for long! I think I'll pay my friends a visit. I hope you don't mind if I stop by to say hello, Doctor.

See you later,


  1. well well well, im actually gonna be a victim???
    im honored truly! hehe, excuse me if i dont make this to easy for you though :).

    OH OH!!! and now that you've made this post i think i know what ill be doing this halloween!!

    ill be sharpening dads machete :)

  2. OH ,befor i forget, if you want a coat with colors like your leather one, my skin wont make you a very good coat. may i suggest you make a quilt using your new found sowing skills! maybe a towel? ya know, whatever works ;)

  3. Pffft, you're funny. You think that if I wanted to get you I'd let you defend yourself?

    Ha! No. When I want you, you will wake up in my basement without having given any kind of fight.

    Trust me, kid. I'm a professional.

    I just have to decide if you're worth it. Last kidnapping was extremely boring.

    Good things came from it though... hehehe I love my job.